Terms & Conditions

SMS Terms & Conditions

These SMS Terms & Conditions apply when you consent to receive text messages from NuView Telehealth, LLC or its affiliates (collectively “NuView Health”).

Text messages from us may include general informational messages about our services, appointment/scheduling confirmations, updates to your account (alerting you to access it for updates), and other messages related to providing technical assistance to you for the use of our services. Message frequency may vary. By providing a mobile phone number, recipients automatically opt into SMS text messaging. If you decide that you no longer want to receive text messages from us, you can opt-out by replying “OPT-OUT” to 561-419-3462. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. Text messaging may not be available via all carriers and your carrier may charge you for these messages.  You agree to incur and be responsible for such charges.

Certain situations outside of our control may impact your ability to receive text messages from us in a timely manner or fail to reach you at all. These situations include mobile signal issues; carrier transmission issues; or interference from terrain, buildings, or other impediment. NuView Health is not liable or responsible for any delayed or undelivered messages or for any losses arising from a message that is delayed or not delivered to you.